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Reduce Inventory Costs and Improve Tracking and Traceability from the Manufacturing Floor to the Warehouse by using manufacturing inventory software.

Fast Inventory Software for the manufacturing business

Manufacturing inventory software is an important tool manufacturers can use to save money and operate more efficiently. You can instantly create many different kinds of bills of materials, work orders, manufacture orders and invoices to help you streamline the manufacturing process.
With manufacturing inventory control software, you can monitor inventory levels in real time, manage inventory in multiple warehouses, train employees to help with inventory management and much more. All of these things help you keep costs down, spend your money wisely and avoid making poor choices, like overstocking on slow-moving products.

How do manufacturing inventory management software help?

Every manufacturing company has a CEO (Chief Excel Officer) to manage BOMs in Excel. So you probably know the difficulties you may face, using Excel:

You always get and send the correct version of the BOM.
The lack of ability to give the right people access to view or edit the BOM.
Copy-pasting errors and the human factor when transferring data from one BOM to another.
Complexity in creating multi-level BOMs.
Lack of the ability to see who made what changes, and when.
Attach the correct version of PDF and instructions to the BOM.
Automatic transfer of CAD quantities to the BOM.
Automatically calculate rollup cost across multi-level BOMs.

These issues cause engineering and manufacturing delays and errors and increase costs.
Fast Inventory Software is specially designed to avoid all these common Excel issues during Part and BOM management.

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Manufacturing Inventory solutions enable workers to use their tablets to update information in real time and connect with team members while on the road. It’s never been easier to access and update information, obtain electronic signatures and upload pictures etc.

Available as stand-alone or integrated, end-to-end solutions, Inventory Software applications can be tailored to specific roles or industries. In addition, many enterprise systems, such as CRM or ERP, offer field service management functionality.

Features of Manufacturing Inventory Control Software

Never Run Out

Dynamic purchasing recommendations are based on what is actually happening in your store rather than a minimum / maximum number.

Prevent Misuse

Without an inventory system, it's impossible to know if you're being ripped off by customers or employees until it's too late

Barcoding & Scanning

Increasing the number of daily orders you receive is exciting, but it can also lead to bottlenecks if you’re not positioned to process and fulfill those orders efficiently.

Customer service

You can avoid running out of stock and can determine if an item's in stock and locate it more readily if you keep track. You can also locate out-of-stock items, their prices, and manufacturers.

Financial management

Inventory systems help you keep track of how you're doing. It makes little sense to go for an entire year without knowing the status of your stock.

Product tracking

You can track specific items and weed out low sellers with sales or markdowns.

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