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Barcode Printer :

Barcode Management Software facilitates changing & implementation of any price changes according to
200 MHz 32-bit RISC processor with 8 MB SDRAM, 4 MB Flash memory
Internally scalable true type fonts
TSPL-EZTM firmware emulates Eltron and Zebra languages out of the box
Dual-motor gear-driven design
300 meter (984’) ribbon supply on a 25.4 mm (1”) core (coated side out)
110 mm (4.3”) OD internal media supply, optional external roll mount supports 214 mm (8.4”) OD label rolls on 76.2 mm (3”) core
5 inches per second print speed. USB 2.0 & RS-232 interfaces standard


Printer Preferences :

You can configure the settings that the printer will have when the printer is first installed on an end users computer. You can change the printer's "Printing Defaults" on the printer by selecting the printer on the print server, right-click and select "Properties", and then click on the Advanced tab, and then click the Printing defaults. Any settings set in this dialog will be applied when a user installs a printer. Users will be able to change the settings on their printers after the printer is installed by selecting the printer, right-click and select Properties, and then click on the General tab, and then click the Printing prefernces.If you right click on a Windows shared printer connection on your local computer and you are logged into the domain as an Administrator the properties of the printer are shown as if you were on the print server.

Configuration Options :

The device settings or configuration settings apply to users that use the printer and are only configurable in the printer object on the print server. You can change the printer's Configuration/Device Settings on the print server by selecting the printer, right-click and select Properties,then click on Configuration or Device Settings. Any settings set in these dialog will are applied to end users. End users will not be able to change these settings on the local printer connection.