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Keeping track of your products and assets manually is a chore. Why not barcode them? Barcoding is the new way of doing inventory management, and it is no surprise that companies who make the switch rave about it to no end. There are so many bonuses to barcoding including saving time, money, reducing wasted resources and removing the painful feeling of having an out-of-control warehouse that desperately needs a systems spring-clean. Barcodes are a pictorial way of portraying strings of numbers, which encode all the information for a product. It is an extremely efficient way of recording data and assigning new data to a product without having to actually go and label the physical product again. Now, all of this does not having to come with an obscene price tag. In fact, to set up barcoding in your business can be very reasonable indeed. Here is a ‘how-to’ in getting up and running in the barcode world.
An inventory management solution will give you:
Accurate inventory
Expedited order fulfillment
Faster cycle counts with fewer workers
Enhanced visibility into inventory movement
Reduced shrinkage and loss
In our suite of inventory management solutions, we offer:
Inventory Control Software
Fixed asset tracking Software
Check in / Check Out Solutions
Package Tracking Software
Small Business Inventory Management, Asset Tracking Software With QR Code / Barcode Scanning
With QR code inventory management software you can track inventory and assets accross multiple locations, in the field and in the office, in real time. Use regular smartphones or tablets for barcode / QR code scanning, data entry and look up. Customize every aspect of the inventory management / asset tracking process to fit your business workflow.

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